Friday, December 20, 2013

Free Recorded Webinar for Parents: Keeping Kids and Dogs Safe Over the Holidays

Thanks to the Pet Professional Guild and Family Paws Parent Education for partnering with Doggone Safe to present this free webinar for parents. If you have a dog and expect visitors or if you will be visiting a family that has a dog, you will get some great tips from this webinar. Even a nice family dog can bite if stressed, and unfortunately many do at family gatherings. The dog owners are inevitably shocked and upset, and say that this "came out of the blue" and that they never would have thought their dog could bite. There are always warnings, although subtle in some cases. Learn to recognize the signs of stress and how to prevent situations in which a dog might feel the need to protect himself with his teeth.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dog Trainer Continuing Education: Incorporating Dog Bite Prevention into Dog Classes

Doggone Safe and APDT are pleased to offer this recorded webinar for dog trainers and dog behavior consultants on how to incorporate dog bite prevention education into dog classes and private consults. Every trainer and behavior consultant has many opportunities to help dog owners learn how to read dog body language, reduce stress and anxiety for their dog and increase safety for their children and others that the dog might encounter.

This webinar, presented by Doggone Safe President, Joan Orr covers the following topics:
  • Observation skills for the client
    • Dog body language 
      • Key signs
      • Tools you can use
    • Proximity check 
    • Reducing anxiety 
  • Incorporating teachable moments into your classes
  • Demonstrations that you can do with dogs in class
    • Handling 
    • Resource guarding 
    • Be a tree
    • Puppy biting
  • Dog bite prevention in the community - how this can benefit your business

How Does Grandma's Dog Feel About the Holidays?

By Jennifer Shryock

Holidays mean family time. I remember going to my Grandmother’s house and looking forward to seeing her dogs. My Grandmother had female Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and I loved visiting! I remember being so excited to walk them, throw the ball and just share time with them. Did I ever consider how they felt having their peaceful home invaded by a crowd of people? Of course not. I assumed they were as excited as I was to be together and for the most part I think they did enjoy our hectic visits. Looking back now though I think of many things we could all have done to help my Grandmother’s dogs feel more comfortable while we visited their home. Here are some tips that come to mind.
  1. Respect the dog’s comfy spot, bed, hide-a-way. Leave them alone! When a dog retreats to these places they should be praised and not coaxed to come out for the kids.
  2. Bring a yummy treat for the dog that will give them something to do and enjoy. (clear the treat with owner first before offering!)
  3. Have a designated adult supervising interaction with the dog and guests. Ideally with dog on a leash.
  4. If there are visiting dogs in the home along with the visiting family then even more supervision is needed!

Keep in mind that family gatherings can be stressful even when the stress is good. New smells, sounds and actions can be overstimulating for dogs that are used to a quiet environment. Allow your dog breaks from the action.

These tips and so much more are offered in our 1 hour long Grandparent webinar….Grandkids and dogs. We invite you to join us for this interactive webinar so that we can answer your questions and help increase safety and fun for all family members over the Holiday season.

Webinar for Grandparents with a Dog

Are you a Grandparent with a dog?  Do you have Grandkids that visit your home?   Everyday life for your dog may be peaceful and predictable until the Grandkids arrive.  Changes in schedules, energy and dynamics can cause even the most wonderful family dogs stress.  As the holidays near and families begin to plan their family celebrations we offer tips to help everyone succeed.

Join Family Paws Parent Education for this informative hour-long webinar where we will help you and your dog truly enjoy the holiday celebrations!

Some of the important topics we will cover:  Management, Observation of comfort, Activities for success and so much more!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn positive and practical tips you can begin right away to help make family visits more enjoyable for all!

This is a live interactive webinar!

December 18th  1pm ET $10.00

Click here for more information or to register