Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tip of the Day: Teach Your Children to Speak Dog

Dogs are giving us information all the time about how they are feeling and what they might do next. All kids, parents and dog owners need to know how to interpret dog body language and to pay attention to what the dog is feeling, so that there will be many fewer adverse interactions with dogs. Dogs do their best to warn before they growl or snap, but most people don't know what to look for. If the dog's signals are ignored for long enough, he may eventually get to the point where he feels he has to escalate to get unwanted attention to stop. People are the same, if enough annoyances build up, you might shout or snap at someone too. Here are the key do body language signals that everyone should know. Parents, if you see these signs, intervene and give both dogs and kids some space and something else to do. Your dog will be happier and your kids safer!

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For more information about dog body language, take our online course: Basic Body Language. CE credits from many organizations.

Check out our Speak Dog slide show:

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